As we reflect on an extraordinary year, we realise that our lives, both personally and professionally can be disrupted without prior warning which challenged our resilience, perseverance, and innovative thinking on multiple levels. An economy that operated on streamlined teams, processes and systems was tested and the importance of the balance between this ideology and robust organisational structures was highlighted. Cashflow planning and adjusted forecasts became a daily activity, as companies steered both large ships and small dinghies through unfamiliar territories towards familiar waters.


The pandemic forced companies to innovate, and in many instances forced long-term automation plans to become short-term implementations. The South African security industry saw immediate advancements in technologies, such as thermal camera systems to detects fever, the integration of this in facial recognition driven access-and-egress control systems and a general reliance on technology and analytics to protect property and assets, as large corporate buildings stood empty while people worked remotely. The rise of unemployment resulted in a drastic and immediate increase in attacks on distribution vehicles as people were desperate for food, which resulted in an increased demand for the protection of assets and commodities in transit. The heightened fear of imminent attacks on premises resulted in an increase of armed security personnel deployments. Increased pressure on costs forced companies to re-evaluate their spend and pressure was placed on service providers to innovate and work within pressurised budgets.


These daily tasks had a major impact on the personal lives of the individuals that affected these strategies. As “work-from-home” strategies became the norm, our personal and professional lives were separated with blurred lines. Kids were home schooled whilst board meetings were navigated via online platforms. The dreaded “suit on top and holiday at the bottom”-reveal as you stood up to get a glass of water from the kitchen catered for numerous YouTube parodies as people searched for the humour to brighten a world of daily dread filled news reels.


Through all of the chaos that 2020 brought to our world, the focus on the importance of family and quality time spent with our loved ones was emphasised throughout the lockdown period. The modern work environment has increased the need for work-life balance, which showcased the importance of the teams that we work with on a daily basis. These families extends beyond the individuals within your own organisation and the people within service provider organisations. It is these teams that contribute to the success of our own operations. In an operating environment that is SLA-driven, it is easy to lose the personal relationships that is so important to these successes.


The CSG Security business has gone through transformation throughout this year. The launch of a new brand, the consolidation of operating teams and the incorporation of best practices across the operations has resulted in a robust business that offers a security service throughout the value chain. Our ability to provide all of our services, in-house, places us in a unique position as a value-driven security services provider. The CSG Security family drives this philosophy.


As we move towards 2021, in an uncertain environment, it provides comfort to our clients and the South African market that the CSG Security team consists of a balanced and dynamic management team. It is this team that will drive our success and provide quality, value-adding services to the South African market.


William Pollard said: “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient tomorrow.”


We wish our clients, their families and loved ones a peaceful and prosperous festive period.


We stay committed to service excellence.


Kind Regards

Managing Director
Revert Risk Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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