Focused on relevant evidence gathering in support of crime investigation



The most important element in crime prevention is undoubtedly the gathering of information, coupled with good investigation work. It increases the possibility of preventing crimes from being committed.


Our team consisting of Certified Fraud Examiners and ex-SAPS special units has experience that varies from organised crime, murder and robbery, asset forfeiture, commercial crime and management services investigations.


Our focus is relevant evidence gathering in support of crime investigation and good administrative skills to support any criminal or civil litigation. We interact with all enforcement agencies, maintain good relations with NPA and SAPS and are very competent in criminal law and court procedures.


Fraud, Criminal, Internal and Corruption Investigations
Experienced informer handlers and deploying information gatherers accordingly
Mobile surveillance of criminal activities
Risk Assessments
Specialist Interviews of witnesses and suspicious persons
Preparation of reports to support legal or internal requirements
Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM)
Close Protection Officers (CPOs)
Expat support and assistance
Background verification and screenings
Polygraph examinations
Asset tagging and tracking

Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners has experience that varies from organised crime, murder and robbery to asset forfeiture and commercial crime


Professional strike intervention services that assists in the management of the risks that threatens the continuation of your business practices through the protection of your property, staff and reputation.
CSG Security’s capability to deploy specialised teams trained in effective strike intervention methods ensures minimal disruption of your daily operations due to labour and social unrest. Our key focus in this process is the protection of your staff, assets and daily operations. Our operating model is based on the UN voluntary principles which ensures the use of minimal force, with the capability to escalate procedures based on increased threat levels and perceived risks to the protected environment. All activity is video recorded for the purpose of evidence gathering which could be used for future litigation action.
Armoured Personnel Carriers
Soft Body Personnel Carriers
Commanders (Unarmed and Armed)
Intervention Officers (Unarmed)
Armed Tactical Teams
Undercover Operatives
Tactical Dogs
Vehicle and Personnel Escorting
VIP Escorting
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